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Face Masks That Are Stylish and Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly gaiterEco friendly headband

While we don’t know what lies ahead, we do know that face masks are here for now so they might as well be awesome! And when we say awesome, we mean good-looking, comfortable, and responsibly made with the environment in mind by a company that likes to give back. 

One thing you may not know is that when fabric is cut for patterns, it is not easy to cut all the way to all four edges leaving extra material that has no purpose. We love this material and our planet too much to be satisfied with that process so these masks are a wonderful two-fer for us! We get to use up those fabric cuttings and use our favorite fabrics for another purpose. 

Stay safe and stay stoked with these cool & sea-friendly face coverings!

Just as many other things in life, one size does not fit all so we’ve created 4 different styles for you:

Eco Friendly Face Masks

Made from leftover recycled plastic fabric from our last swimsuit production, this mask is reversible, washable, and has a pocket to add a removable filter. They are cooling, comfortable, and as eco-friendly as they come. The color of the reversible fabric may vary so we can make use of other leftover fabrics as well.

Protector Headband

If you are one of our friends that don’t care for how the elastic feels over your ears, we got you covered! This headband will hold your mask in place without anything wrapping behind your ears. Also made from leftover recycled plastic fabric from our last production of swimsuits, this washable headband has two buttons over the ears to hook your face mask to. They are compatible with our Eco-Friendly Face Mask as well as all other over the ear face masks. Extend the headband’s life by switching it over to a daily face wash headband when our mask days are behind us.

Eco-friendly Gaiter

Made from leftover recycled plastic fabric from our last swimwear production, these washable gaiters offer a lighter alternative to a mask if you feel a mask is too constricting. They are cooling, comfortable, sun blocking and as eco-friendly as they come. 

We also like to prolong the gaiter’s life by sticking it in the ice cooler for some cooling down on hot camping trips, keeping the wind off our necks in the cold, and UV rays off in the sun. 

Recycled Stylish Surf Buff/Gaiter

This gaiter is just as amazing as the one above with the bonus of profits going to Groundswell Community Project.

Groundswell Community Project

Groundswell Community Project is a non-profit 501(c)(3) partnering with Hakuna Wear to provide an online shop for fundraising. All profits go to surf therapy programs to build an inclusive and intersectional space for self identifying women to explore their healing, power, and sisterhood together in Mother Ocean. All funds raised will be put towards helping diversify surf therapy leaders and surf therapy scholarships for our BIPOC surf sisters.

Eco-friendly Bandana

The bandana is a classic. What can’t it be used for? We have used bandanas for countless things beyond a mask - headband, hair scarf, furoshiki style gift wrapping, cooling cloth and even a pee rag on those long back country hikes. Made from leftover recycled plastic fabric from our last swimwear production, this washable bandana offers yet another lighter alternative to a mask that you can reuse for years to come. 


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