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Hippo Sweat

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Hippo Sweat was started for the sole purpose of being an awesome, all natural, yet long lasting form of skin protection from long days in the sun.  We were inspired after a trip to Bali where the warm water and hot sun was no match for the local sunscreen compounds.  After years of experimenting and research we found the combination that suited our goal of a very durable yet skin friendly formula.  With the support of our families, friends, and the local community, we have been able to roll out two other products all based in the idea that natural products work just as well if not better than their synthetic counterparts, and they don't leave nearly the carbon footprint. Check them out @


Her Waves

Her Waves strives to create a space where women can come together to tell the collective story of who we are, all while having fun surfing, skating and making cool shit together.
From the Founder Jennipher "I want to take how we (females) are represented in surf culture and turn it on it’s head. Adventure, femininity, rebellion, hope, and love - this is what we’re made of.
Forget the butt shots and stereotypes that plague the world of women's board sports. It is time for us to narrate the story. We will design what we wear, shape the boards we ride and be behind the lens to showcase all our shapes, styles and colors."
Check out their awesome apparel @ 


The New GoPro Mount for Surf & SUP

Nosebone attaches to the bottom of your board's nose, changing the camera angle and getting you a way cooler shot!

This light-weight camera mount attaches using a high-strength double-sided tape. The attachment area is large enough to support the camera, but streamlined so it doesn't affect your ride.

Nosebone is designed for use in the oceans, rivers and lakes, and is curved to match the rocker of most longboards and paddleboards. While it'll likely fit your funboard or fish, it's not intended for use on a shortboard, so don't go sticking it on your barrel-chasing thruster. Check them out @