One Piece Surf neoprene Swimsuit
Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit I 1 mm Geoprene
One Piece Surf Neoprene Swimsuit
One Piece Surf Neoprene Swimsuit
Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit I 1 mm Geoprene
One Piece Surf Neoprene Swimsuit
One Piece Surfsuit surf tested Neoprene Swimsuit
One Piece Surf tested Neoprene Swimsuit
Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit I 1 mm Geoprene
Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit I 1 mm Geoprene

Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit I 1 mm Geoprene

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The Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit, named after the spot it was designed at, is the perfect suit when you need more warmth and covered protection than a swimsuit with the mobility of a sleeveless design. The straps are designed as one continuous band, which allows flexible distribution of tension along the shoulders and back. The 1 mm Glide Skin Neoprene Geoprene brings out your inner warrior so you can have the confidence to get out there and shred!


    • 1 mm Glide Skin Geoprene (limestone neoprene).
    • 4x4.75" Pocket with key loop made with recycled polyester/spandex fabric.
    • Raw edges straps for a snug and comfortable fit.
    • Rainbow thread detail.
    • Tech mesh for breathability and for accentuating your warrior curves.
    • High-waisted bottom to flatter the waist.
    • Binding and elastic for a secure worry free fit.
    • Rinse in cold water after use and hang dry.
    • 50+ UPF
    • Made responsibly in California.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Amazing, one-of-a-kind swimsuit!

    Honestly at first I was a bit skeptical given the unique style and material. It fits differently than anything else out there. But once I wore it it’s obvious it’s going to be hard to go back to a regular one-piece. It’s very flattering and the material is super comfy and quick dry. Design is very well thought out. Very impressed. I get compliments all the time!!

    Sexy, comfortable, ideal for surfing

    I didnt think i would ever want to wear a wetsuit to a festival, until I got this one!! I feel so good in this suit. Not only is it sexy and fun and makes me look and feel amazing, it is also comfortable and durable for surfing. It is unique, stylish and flattering for all sizes and shapes! Thank you so much hakunawear!


    I do a lot of outdoor water sports and have been waiting for a suit that is made for adventure, stays put, and looks sexy- the cloud 9 hits the mark and then some! It is very comfortable!! The back pocket is perfect for the small things that keep me self contained (keys, credit card, chap stick and/or power bar! I am 6’0 150lbs and size D and the Medium fits amazing, great coverage and no nip slips! It’s a must have for any water activity!

    Perfect Fit for Tall Ladies!

    Love this sexy swimsuit! I'm 5'-11" and always struggle to find a one-piece for long torsos. I was amazed by the perfect fit w/ this geoprene suit. Stretchy + sustainable + sexy = SCORE!!!
    I live in Miami & this is my favorite suit for paddleboarding & other water sports during our tropical winters.

    Fashion for a cause...

    The Cloud 9 one piece is the only eco-friendly geoprene suit I’ve found out there and it is amazing. I’m always on the hunt for new swimsuits to fit a plethora of needs. My Cloud 9 one piece is not only stylish, and functional but, it’s also good for the Earth! When I wear it, I feel great and it keeps me warm in the cold water. I like to wear it for water sports and I can move freely without worry. I also love that it has a back pocket!! It makes me smile when I get compliments every time I wear it, too. Two big thumbs up for Hakunawear!!!