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Recycled Stylish Surf Buff/Gaiter

$12.00 USD

Stay safe and stay stoked with these cool & sea-friendly face coverings! Made from leftover recycled plastic fabric from our last production, these washable gaiters offer a lighter alternative to a mask if you feel a mask is too constricting. They are cooling, comfortable, and as eco-friendly as they come. Get the mask matching your eco-friendly active bikini or swimsuit


Groundswell Community Project is a non-profit 501(c)(3) partnering with Hakuna Wear to provide an online shop for fundraising. All profits go to surf therapy programs build an inclusive and intersectional space for self identifying women to explore their healing, power, and sisterhood together in mother ocean.

All funds raised will be put towards helping diversify surf therapy leaders and surf therapy scholarships for our BIPOC surf sisters.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for the appropriate sterilization and use of this decorative face “mask”. Hakuna Wear, it’s owner, designers, and manufacturers take no responsibility for the appropriateness of the design nor for production of this product as effective health protection for you or those around you. Specifically; these face masks were not produced in a sterile environment and were not sterilized before shipping - we recommend you clean them before use. Furthermore, their design and implementation has not been tested for protection against aerosolized droplets, neither inhalation or dispersal from exhalation/sneezing, dust and particle filtration, UV exposure or any other real or imagined threats.

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Multifunctional piece
Great buff with multiple uses