Ecothes Features Hakuna Wear as a Favorite Sustainable Swimwear Brand

Hakuna Wear Designer and Founder Jessica Boynton dressed in Hakuna rash skirt and one-piece holding surfboard on the top of her head

Hakuna Wear Interview

Ecothes is always on the lookout forinspiring founders to push the conversation around sustainability forward’. In the following interview with Hakuna Wear, the founder, Jessica demonstrates she is one of those founders with the goal of Hakuna Wear is to be a swimwear brand by the people, for the people. She states ‘We want to build our community and have our customers designing swimwear’.

Hakuna ladies sitting on surfboards in Hakuna Wear long sleeve surf suits Waikiki, Hawaii

By only producing small batches and knowing that they aren’t creating excess or something our customers don’t want, Hakuna Wear is able to keep up with their customer’s wants and needs. This approach to innovative swimwear design led Hakuna Wear to be chosen to be a part of Title Nine’s Movers and Makers Pitchfest last year.

Jessica describes it as ‘a huge honor and milestone to be included in their cohort of badass women’. Hakuna was chosen as Runners up. You can watch Hakuna’s pitch here. 

Read more about Hakuna’s surf and sustainability journey here.


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