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Hippo Sweat SPF

Hippo Sweat SPF

Whats in the name?


In the wild, hippos secrete a two part compound from behind their ears that turns red once it hits oxygen, and it used to be though that hippos would sweat blood out of their heads.  After some years of research, it has been discovered that the substance was not blood, but two compounds that are unique to hippos. Hipposudoric acid and norhipposudoric acid are both used by hippos as an antiseptic and a sunscreen of sorts to keep their skin healthy, and free of disease causing bacteria and sunburn.  We strive to keep our product as natural as we can in order to do the most for your skins’ well being.

Hippo Sweat was started for the sole purpose of being an awesome, all natural, yet long lasting form of skin protection from long days in the sun.  We were inspired after a trip to Bali where the warm water and hot sun was no match for the local sunscreen compounds.  After years of experimenting and research we found the combination that suited our goal of a very durable yet skin friendly formula.  With the support of our families, friends, and the local community, we have been able to roll out two other products all based in the idea that natural products work just as well if not better than their synthetic counterparts, and they don't leave nearly the carbon footprint.

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