About us

Hakuna Wear was started out of the need for a functional and sexy swimsuit for both men and women so that you can be free to be you. That means a place to stash your essentials, no nip slips, no cheek leak, and no worries when you wear a Hakuna suit.

When we say no worries, we really mean it. You can rest easy knowing all our suits are responsibly made with the most sustainable fabrics on the market for swim and surfwear. Only recycled fabrics and Geoprene. All designed in the heart of San Diego, California, USA.

We are making this decision as easy as possible for you. Now go get your sexy on!

 Mission Statement

To empower people to let go of their worries in the ocean no matter what color, gender, religion, etc. you identify with. Hakuna Wear designs suits that allow you to be free to be you and celebrate the diversity of surfing.