Our Swimwear Technology

The thought and design that goes into our swimwear is what sets Hakuna Wear apart. Every piece is designed with both fashion and function in mind, from the seams, to the stay put power, to the pocket placement, to the sustainable fabrics. We love designing swimwear that gets in shape for you, not the other way around.

Bikini Lock Technology

bikini lock technology swimwear that stays on

Bikini lock technology incorporates an additional bungee into your suit for additional security in pounding surf, wipeouts, or cliff jumps. It works by using a bungee cord and stopper that you can adjust on the go, without having to tie or untie. Just press the lock release and slide it up or down depending on how tight you want it. We offer it on all of our low waist bottoms and as an option on our bikini tops to keep the girls in.

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Pockets with Key Loops

swimwear with pockets

All of our bottoms have a pocket (that's right, even our tiny bottoms) and all of our pockets are made with a key loop. Our pockets are not waterproof, but they fit waterproof pouches incase you need to carry an electronic key or anything else that can't get wet.

Most of our pockets are not enclosed with a zipper, but with a fabric flap or velcro. This might seem a little loosy-goosy for valuables, we have found that the pressure against your body combined with the stretchiness of the fabric keeps everything in, we have put money in there without any worries.

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side tie board shorts

Our side-tie is a unique feature of our board shorts that helps with paddling comfort and avoids waxy board short strings. We moved the same board short tie that you're used to, to the side of the hip.

Some people have asked how they go to the bathroom with the new design, and we say, just go in the water! Just kidding, it is actually really simple, you untie the side tie just like the front tie and that gives you enough space to move it down and go to the bathroom. It turns out that for bathroom use, it doesn't matter if you have it on the front or the side!

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Tech Mesh

tech mesh sexy swimwear

Our tech mesh is like an extra vava-voom wherever we place it or as we like to say, fishnets for your swimwear. It also has great function by keeping you cool and breathable but also protecting you from the sun and keeping everything in and supportive. 

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Where are the zippers?

You might have noticed that we tend to stay away from zippers in places other swim companies might use them. That is because they are the most common part of clothing to break and the reason most clothes end up in the landfill. As part of our commitment to sustainability we try to avoid them whenever possible, although sometimes unavoidable for functional reasons.