Meet the Team!

Our team is made up of our amazing community of Rainbow Warriors, every person contributes to our mission to empower people in the water. Thank you for being a part of that team and supporting diversity, inclusion, and therefore sustainability. 

Jessica Boynton 

Founder and Designer

Jessica is a surfer, designer, and a PhD chemist. Her degree in chemistry gives her a unique perspective into swimwear design, choosing the most sustainable fabrics and designing with the technical aspects in mind. She has been fashion designing since she was little with Halloween costumes and event wear. When she started surfing in 2014 and fell in love, she also realized the lack of innovation in surfing swimwear. So she used her passion for fashion and technical background to start Hakuna Wear.


We have partnered with a lot of amazing photographers willing to work with us on a small company budget. We are so grateful to our entrepreneur community and want to attempt to highlight all of the amazing people we have worked with. 

Soren HeilAlyssa BoyntonElyse QuartiniKatie IredaleChris Rov CostaIan McDonellMegan YoungbloodKiori LeeRyan SzotCory Hom-Weaver

Our Models

Our models are a diverse group of Scientists, Artists, PhD students, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and more. They are amazing people who you can find enjoying our oceans and taking care of our planet. Our photoshoots are always a blast, please contact us if you are interested in modeling for us.