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Be Free To Be You

Hakuna Wear suits have pockets, stay on, and are sustainably made.


"Absolutely love this suit! The style and design make it an ideal suit for active women in the waves. Creative, fashionable, versatile, supportive, and comfortable all in one!" 

Farrah Powell

"My favorite pair of trunks! I love how comfortable they are!"

John Afshari

"Freedom is being able to surf and express yourself in the ocean without having to worry about your bikini falling off!! Love your suits."

Natalie Small

"When I put the suit on I felt super comfortable and confident!"

Rachel Flynn

"I love knowing that I'd be warm in the water. The material is softer than a think wetsuit which felt cozy and sexy. It's great to have mobility and range of motion without compromising warmth."

Cristina Bourassa

"I can paddle out without losing my sunglasses, change into and out of it comfortably and it forms to your body. With Hakuna Wear, it gets me back to what I care about- a fun day in the water."

Mary Calhoun

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