Still Stoked Product Review of the Hakuna Wear Jeju Reversible High Waisted Bikini Bottom and Kare Kare Athletic Bikini Top for big boobs

Alexa Hohenberg of Still Stoked puts our Kare Kare Active Bikini Top and Jeju Reversible High Waisted Bikini Bottom to the test, sailing, free-diving and surfing. 

Still stoked writes “a surf bikini that has all the mod-cons we have been dreaming of. Functional and supportive to the point of becoming a sports bra crossover, and made using recycled textiles in the same location it is designed and shipped.” Continuing on to say:

“FINALLY! We have been saying this for years in our quest for the ultimate surf bikini ‘Add a Frigging drawstring to the top!’. This is what Hakuna has done, offering it as an ‘add-on’ option for ladies like me with skinny little rib cages. While the elastic that sits inside the 1-inch thick rib-band is tight enough to be secure, the drawstring gives me even more confidence to get it super tight so on big surf sessions.There is NO WAY this bikini can ride up.” 

bikini lock on the kare kare athletic bikini top

Thank you Still Stoked for all you do to support small women owned brands, stoked you are as excited as we are about our bikini designs. 

Read the full Still Stoked product review of our eco-friendly Kare Kare Active Bikini Top and Jeju Reversible High Waisted Bikini Bottom.

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