SD Voyager wants you to meet Jessica Boynton of Hakuna Wear (including what she is most proud of and challenges she has had to overcome)

SD Voyager interviews our founder and designer, Jessica Boynton on her childhood, what she's proud of, and challenges she has had or overcome running a new business. 

SD Voyager asks “What are you most proud of?”

Jessica writes “Personally, I am most proud of our mission statement, our tagline, and the logo that goes with it. Our logo is a rainbow above a barreling wave; the rainbow symbolizes diversity.”

She goes on further to say “We believe very strongly in inclusivity, we want to say it loud and proud that the ocean does not discriminate and it is there for everyone to enjoy, and our suits can help you do that. ‘Be free to be you’ is our motto.”

Hakuna Wear’s mission statement is to empower people to let go of their worries in the ocean no matter what color, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. you identify with. Hakuna Wear designs suits that allow you to be free to be you and celebrate the diversity of surfing.

Hakuna rainbow warriors modeling diversity and inclusion in the waves

As a part of living this mission statement, Hakuna Wear partners with non-profits to donate suits and volunteer time as well with organizations such as Groundswell Community Project, an amazing surf therapy organization for women overcoming trauma. 

Touching on sustainability and their eco-friendly approach “We also try to talk and think about sustainability in a full picture, meaning that sustainability is not just making sure the materials we use are sustainable but that we are thinking about the people involved as well, from manufacturing to our customers.”

Read the full interview on SD Voyager, only in year one of Hakuna’s founding.

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