Lush Palm features Hakuna Wear / Worry-Free Swimwear Designed to Stay On in the Surf

Lush Palm features Hakuna Wear, a new swimwear label on a mission to make worry-free swimwear for active people. It doesn’t take a scientist to design women’s swimwear that stays on in the surf but having a scientific background when designing swimwear certainly couldn’t hurt.

Lush Palm writes “The Cloud 9 is a one-piece surf suit designed to weather the gnarliest of surf and compliment your body in all the right places. The suit comes complete with a pocket and key loop, and a comfortable yet snug fit to prevent any nip slips, full moons, and the dreaded lineup flash of doom."

surfing in the cloud 9 one piece surf suit
Surf testing the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit

"The suit is made with 1mm geoprene (an eco-friendly limestone-based neoprene) so you have a bit of extra warmth when you need it.”

Read the full Lush Palm article on the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit and the technical design for high performance.

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