Hakuna Wear 1mm Cloud 9 Neoprene Alternative Surf Suit featured on 7 New Items We Love for Women’s Surf

Men’s Journal, formerly Adventure Sports Network looks at surf suits designed by female chemists, board bags made from scrap swimsuit fabric, and feminine spins on timeless board short designs. They review seven items they are loving in women’s surf featuring Hakuna Wear’s Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit.

Men’s Journal writes “The Cloud 9 One Piece from Hakuna Wear is made from uber-soft and stretchy Geoprene that makes this one of the most comfortable spring suits we’ve ever tried."

surfing in the cloud 9 one piece surf suit

Surfing San Onofre in the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit.

"This suit is flattering on all kinds of body types and comes in black for those who like to keep it simple or electric “Galaxy Blue” for those who like to stand out. A four-inch interior pocket with a key loop makes this suit not just fun but also practical.”

Check out the full Men’s Journal article on the most comfortable spring suit they’ve ever tried, the 1 mm Geoprene I Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit.

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