Sea Melon interviews our Founder in their Featured Surfer series (including her start in surfing)

Sea Melon interviews our Founder and Designer Jessica Boynton on her love of surfing and empowering women.

Sea Melon writes “She has this super exciting ambition; making her recently started surf wear brand Hakuna Wear into an established brand that offers products like surf bikinis and surf suits that make women feel more comfortable in the water.”

Jessica with the lei walking on the beach near scripps pier

Jessica walking on the beach near Scripps Pier

Jessica writes “It sounds super corny, but I feel like surfing is the sport I was waiting my whole life to find.  Over the course of a couple years I was introduced to surfing through some friends in grad school. I tried twice in Norcal without much success, then alone in Hawaii, which was terrifying.”

Read the full Sea Melon interview of our Founder and Designer.

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