Come back unstoppable with this top list of at home surf workouts

You may have watched Bethany Hamilton's movie "Unstoppable". If you haven't we recommend it, we came away from that movie feeling inspired and with the motto "no excuses".  With some extra time on our hands and at home, we compiled some of your top at home workouts. Check it out and make sure that when you get back in the water, you are unstoppable.

  1. From the unstoppable queen herself Bethany has a few workouts on her website. Here is one of our favorites
  2. From an experienced Physical Therapist (and our own blog), check out Elyse Quartini's strengthening exercises. 
  3. Maybe it's not specifically surf related, but we found these workouts to be crazy good, easy to follow, all using your own body weight, and they often have fun names.
  4. Ah the elusive paddle strength is a hot topic, how do we get more of it? Here are some exercises that were recommended on surfing groups.
    1. Top 5 Paddling Exercises- Surf strength & conditioning 
    2. Arm mobility with a yoga ball 
    3. At home paddling technique exercises 
  5. Some surfing based exercise lists from various sources:
    1. 7 Home-Based Exercises to Improve Your Surfing 
    2. 27 exercises to improve your surfing (that you can do at home)
    3. 5 Exercises that will improve your surfing 
  6. The Surfing HIIT workout, love these dynamic workouts from Cris Mills
  7. Bonus: From yours truly- our Founder and Designer's very own at home workout. Check it out here.

Tips and tricks: don't have any of the things you see in these videos to work out? You can use water jugs/bottles as weights, your couch, chairs, and pillows as steps and inclines, nylons, robe ties, and old bike tires as stretch bands. For more ideas reach out to us at, we are happy to help. 

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