Baja California Sur ~ a surf guide to warmer waters.

Baja California Sur ~ a surf guide to warmer waters.

Before we know it, warm weather will be here. Which also means surfing in warmer water. A surf destination that has a little bit of everything is Baja California Sur, Mexico. With its rugged coastline, crystal clear blue waters and of course tacos, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of surf spots for all levels for you to explore this summer.

At A Glance

Climate: Subtropical desert climate.
Best time to go... June and July! But we went during September and had a blast. The weather warm to hot during the day, cools off at night. (Max: 27-30 °C/ 80-86 °F, Min: 15-18 °C/ 59-64 °F). If you go during August to October, be prepared for very hot weather and hurricane season. (Max: 31 °C/ 88 °F, Min: 18 °C/ 77 °F).
Type of waves: You can find a wave for everyone. 

Great place to get tacos: El Toro Guero

Great place to watch the surf for happy hour: The Rooftop at the Cape

What to watch out for: Cabo is the only place we have traveled to in Mexico where we got swindled at a gas station (short changed) and had a weird incident with locals out in the surf. Just remember, you’re the visitor there and it’s probably best to lose the 20-50$ and just move on

Wave Guide

Playa Los Cerritos: It's about an hour and a half from the popular tourist town Todos Santos. It's a very popular surf break in the summer as it caters for all levels from a fun beginner beach break to a pumping, barreling wave when the swell hits for more experienced surfers. It can be crowded at times but also has a wonderful summer, easy going beach vibe.

In town:

Monuments: You’ll find this left point break is five minutes from Cabo San Lucas on the way to San José del Cabo, best with the summer south swells. It draws a bit of a crowd and is more for intermediate to advanced surfers. Just be aware of sea urchins at low tides.

Old Man’s (Acapulquito): It a great spot for long boarders with a really long right hand break with the summer south swells. The waves are easy making it great for beginners to intermediate surfers and it has easy access to surf lessons and rentals.

The Rock: It gets its name from the rocks that are visible at the view point. This long right hand point break is another reason to visit the Los Cabos, located on the Costa Azul Beach. It’s a little more rapido than Old Man’s making it another break that needs a south swell. Good for intermediate to advanced surfers.

East Cape:

Nine Palms: This right hand point break is one of the most popular waves on the East Cape. When the South summer swells come in, it becomes alive with perfect peelers and if the swell is big enough, those peelers might just turn into barrels.

Shipwrecks: If you’re after something a bit more fast and punchy then head to Shipwrecks, another right hand point break. It’s located on the East Cape and is better for advanced surfers.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your Hakuna Wear and go and shred in those warmer crystal clear blue waters.


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