Best of the Best of Hilo Hawaii

Best of the Best of Hilo Hawaii

After living in Hilo for 6 months, we developed a taste for some (or all) of the local food, and every year when we go back to visit, we can't help but to stop at each of these locations to remind ourselves of just how good they are. So next time you're on the Big Island, make sure to stop by the grab some of these favorites. We promise you won't regret it.

1. Best Lilikoi Margarita: Lucy's Taqueria, make sure you get it with Li Hing Mui. Originally we thought it was Pineapples, but on this last visit, we are decided, it's definitely Lucy's.

2. Best Coffee Cake (and bakery): Cardamom Coffee Cake at Pāpa'a Palaoa Bakery, obsessed with this place and try to go every day, not just our favorite in Hilo, but ever. Perfect before and after surf breakfast... and throughout the day snack.

3. Best Poke: Suisan, right next to ocean and a fish market so you know it is super fresh. Their poke bowl is one of the most reasonably priced and delicious we have ever had.

4. Best Pitaya Smoothie: Sweet Cane Cafe, a vegetarian cafe that loves to make their own stuff, they also have the most delicious pitaya smoothie, worth a stop for lunch though.

5. Best Mexican Food: Lucy's Taqueria, this is a top priority every time we are in town. Plus we are already their for our pitcher of margaritas, so eating delicious food is a no brainer.

6. Best Surf Spot: Honoli'i, the crowd here embodies the aloha spirit, from kids on boogie boards doing airs to some locals ripping. It's really consistent here so everyone is stoked for you to get a wave, and there are plenty of beginners, just watch out for the rocks and the honu!

7. Best Place to See Honu: Carl Smith Beach Park or Honoli'i if it's too crowded for turtles at Carl Smith, Carl Smith has some great fresh water springs and create a beautiful, albeit cold, scenery. If it's not too crowded, huge sea turtles are often here hanging out, and might even slap you on the butt!

8. Best Kombucha: Conscious Culture, the best kombucha we have ever had, they know how to do it right and have delicious tropical flavors.

9. Best Party: Okay so it's not Hilo, but Uncle Roberts in Pahoa is such a good time!

10. Best Fruit: Hilo Farmers Market, if you have been wanting to try everything from mangosteen to durian to soursop, this place has got it. You can also get so many different types of mangos, lilikoi, avocados, and all the vegetables you need to make a meal at home.


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