Top 5 must do's on a Sayulita surf trip

Top 5 must do's on a Sayulita surf trip

In 2018 a group of us took a surf trip to Sayulita. We had heard about the Mexilog fest which is what initially had inspired the trip and we had heard good things about the town. We set off in hopes that we could find a variety of waves, great food, and good times and it did not disappoint. 

The plane ride over we took from Tijuana and flew direct into Puerto Vallarta, we then took a car from there to Sayulita, it was a pretty easy flight and a tropical drive. 

Here are our 5 must do's on your Sayulita surf trip

1. Take a boat trip to surf El Farro and see the blue footed booby. Just ask Mictlan Surf Shop for the surf spots that are accessible by boat and when they will be good, they will be happy to take you to see the islands and to see the blue footed booby if you are keen.

boat out to sayulita islands

Robby enjoying the view of the beach, one of the tour spots.


2. Eat lots of tacos and beer. Both are everywhere, so just go where it looks busy and where is recommended.

fish tacos
Shrimp and fish tacos.


3. Walk on the beach at sunset, Sayulita has a great beach with lots of restaurants and activity, there are even massages. 

sunset in sayulita

Sunset from a restaurant in Sayulita.

surfers walking to surf

Three of the crew walking to surf the main break in Sayulita.

4. Visit Punta Mita. Punta Mita is a small town with a harbor just 20 minutes from Sayulita. It has some great waves (in our opinion better than the wave out front in Sayulita) and some great seafood restaurants overlooking the harbor where you can enjoy fish tacos and beer. (see featured image of post)

wildmex surf shop

Hanging out at the surf shop after a surf in Punta Mita.


5. Drive to the various surf spots north or south on the coast to check them out and explore. Both sides of the coast have more waves, grab a surf guide book or just follow Surfline and check out some other spots while you are there.

surfing in Punta Mita

Some fun and empty surf awaits if you explore.

About our trip

When we visited- September

Swell direction- Hurricane south swell

Favorite wave- El Farro (get here by boat)

Recommended surf suit- Miho bikini bottom and Kare Kare Sport Top

Board rental or surf lessons- WildMex Surf & Adventure, La Lancha, Punta Mita

Favorite meal- Pizza at Pizza Venezia

Where to stay- AirBnb worked well for us on this trip

Getting around- Rental car from the airport (about 1.5 hr drive)

What we wished we did- Stayed closer to Punta Mita. We stayed in Sayulita but drove to Punta Mita almost every day to surf La Lancha.

Recommendations from a local: Camille Cunningham @camcunning

Favorite taco spot?

Tacos on the Street in La Cruz (15 mins south of Sayulita). Juicy rib eye tacos with homemade guac, salsa + flour tortillas that never disappoint. It's pretty telling when you have a restaurant that only serves two things but can still pack the house full. One of my favorite things about this spot: you can order only one beer + they'll still bring you a whole icey bucket full because.. you never know.

Favorite surf spot?

Burros in Punta Mita. This right hand point break offers long peelers and with the right swell chances to clock in valuable green room time. 

Best area to stay?

Sayulita or San Pancho offer a more laid back yet modern vibe full of art + music. Soak in the sunrise with an early morning sesh out front, break for tacos + beer, then hop in the car to explore waves in Punta Mita for some afternoon delights. 

Best time of year to come?

Any time is the best time to visit! Dec - April is full of tourists but the weather is much milder. Oct - Sept is super hot and humid but the crowds are much slimmer and often times you can have a spot all to yourself + your crew

Any special tips?

Come with an open heart + mind. Sayulita is considered a Pueblo Magico (magic town) and that statement couldn't be any truer. Be respectful in the water + remember simply saying "hola" can go a long way with some of the locals. (we couldn't agree more)

If the main peak at Sayulita, is too gnarly there are loads of lonely waves to be had peppered all over the area. Just north of the river mouth can offer a less crowded ride.



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