Where it all began: Surfing Cloud 9

Siargoa island has a special place in our hearts because it was the first international surf trip we went on, and it was where our founder discovered the inadequacies of swimwear for surfing overhead reef waves. 

"I packed all my sporty bikinis but between not enough sun coverage, my bottoms coming off on every duck dive, and having to have my boyfriend carry money and our keys, I felt really un-empowered by my bikini"

When she got home she designed the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit, the perfect suit when you need a little warmth, especially from the wind. She wishes she had it on her trip! That being said, the Philippines is an amazing place with amazing people. They recently got hit by a typhoon that severely damaged the island and their homes. Please donate if you are able, or go visit and plan to help out!

We flew from Manila to Cebu to Siargoa but they have direct flights now. We went in October of 2017.

Some tips from our trip 

When we visited: October, typhoon swell

Favorite wave: Cemeteries

surfing phillipines

Where to rent boards or get surf lessons: Jose's Surf Shop was super helpful and we rented some great higher volume shortboards that were locally shaped

Favorite meal: Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant

Where to stay: We stayed at Patrick's on the Beach, which has good food and a beautiful ocean view, if you want something a little livelier we would recommend a place with a bar

Patricks by the beach phillipines

Getting around: Hitching a ride on scooters is cheap and efficient, for exploring further we would recommend renting your own scooter

What we wish we had time to do: Travel farther to check out surf breaks that were more remote and unexplored

Tips: Be respectful. The locals here are ridiculously nice and they will even give you waves. We don't want this place to become another Bali, so be extra nice to the people who make this place so special and let's keep it small. 

Recommendations from a local


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