Hakuna Wear's Guide to Choosing a Bathing Suit for a Surfer

Girls Running on the Beach in Hakuna Wear's Active Swimwear for Surfers

We’ve all been there

Looking over your shoulder, hand digs into the water - pull. Fingers float forward nearly grazing the water’s surface. Dig, pull. Dig harder. Paddle, paddle, lift, pop! Floating now moved by energies that have traveled the globe to hit its zenith under your feet. Looking down the line, a section opens up, foot on the gas pedal, lean in to speed up. The line your fins draw trace down then up the wave, off the lip, drop, board hits the water for one beautiful moment then slips out from under you and you’re tumbling through the white and blue oblivion. As you break the surface, there is so much you could be thinking. Or, better yet, feeling. Instead you are frantically trying to get your bikini back in place and keep the board next to you before the next wave comes.

Hours later, all surfed out, walking out of the water onto the sand, rather than basking in the afterglow of surf, you are trying to pull your bikini bottoms up with one hand while carrying your board in the other. Minutes later, drying off at the car you notice the old bubble boob. You know the one. Where your boob is kind of squeezed up over the seam of the top you thought would hold everything in. Yeah, that one.

We know your pain because we’re right there with you. We surf and we want the last thing on our mind to be our suits. But, to tell you the truth, we weren’t finding that. So we made our own active swimwear for surfers. Swimwear that solves problems. Swimwear that gets your mind back on the sport you love.

Hakuna Wear’s active swimwear for surfers solves your problems!

Take Hakuna Wear’s Sunset Reversible Athletic Bikini Bottom as one example


1- This bottom has been equipped with an innovative Bikini Lock™

This keeps the bikini bottoms in place while you splash, swim, and play allowing you to get your mind back on your recreation and off your swimwear. Bikini lock is a bungee and toggle system to keep your bikini locked in place no matter what size the waves or adventure. Genius!

Hakuna Wear Sunset Reversible Athletic Bikini Bottom Bikini Lock Technology so Your Bikini Bottom Stays Put

2- A hidden key loop makes it even more carefree

Hakuna Wear Sunset Reversible Athletic Bikini Bottom Showing Hidden Key Loop

3- 50+ UPF keeps your sun protected

4- The recycled polyester fabric made from plastic water bottles will stroke the eco warrior within and the breathable tech mesh will keep you looking like one.   


Hakuna Wear Sunset Reversible Athletic Bikini Bottom Breathable Tech Mesh

If one pieces are your jam then check out  the Perissa Athletic One Piece Swimsuit.

Elegant meets radical in this athletic one piece swimsuit with wide cross-back straps for comfort and security. The Perissa provides the superior high-waisted compression you're looking for to move freely and confidently. Inside we’ve added power mesh lining for added support and compression and outside is a high coverage bottom with minimal back tan lines. This eco friendly material is also 50+ UPF made responsibly in California. As a bonus, you’ll never have to leave your keys to get stolen on the beach again with the hidden key pocket and loop. Just tie your key to the loop, slip in a small tin of zinc, close the velcro and go play.


Hakuna Wear Perissa Athletic One Piece Swimsuit Front View

The word Hakuna means everything is okay. In our performance based swimwear, while you play, everything will truly be no worries.

Our solution to all our bikini top woes is the Kare Kare Athletic Bikini Top.

Kare Kare Athletic Bikini Top Front ViewKare Kare Athletic Bikini Top Back View

This top is the athletic bikini top you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

1- The Kare Kare fits like a sports bra to stay in place no matter the activity and the wide cross back straps stay put and don’t need constant tugging back into place.

2- For our friends with a larger bust and a smaller chest size, add the optional Bikini Lock™ for movement without wardrobe malfunction.

3- Like our other creations, the Kare Kare Athletic Bikini Top is made responsibly from recycled fabric in California, reversible for two tops in one, and 50+ UPF for skin protection.

Mix, match, and be free to be you.

But also don't take our word for it. Check out a review of our Perissa One Piece by SaltySolz.

Surfer Wearing Hakuna Wear Kare Kare Athletic Bikini Top

Girls running on the beach in Hakuna Wear Perissa One Piece Swimsuit


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