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With 2019 coming to an end, and the awaited summer of 2020 around the bend– Hakuna Wear excites watermen and women around the world with their new release, Recycled Side Tie Board Shorts. Hakuna Wear is based and located in beautiful Southern California, ENCINITAS.

Hakuna Wear came to life in 2018 by designer and founder, Jessica Boynton. With a PhD in Chemistry, and a passion for design and business, Jessica was inspired to build a ‘no worries’ swimwear brand.

Hakuna is known for precise detail, quality and durability. Jessica wanted to create a comfortable wear solution for all boardshort sporters who engage in long distance paddling, and even long surf sessions. Jessica noticed how the classic boardshort tie during long periods of use was prone to discomfort, rash, while accumulating surfboard wax, and a possible untie during use. 

With Hakuna’s Recycled Side Tie Boardshorts, which are made from recycled water bottles; is where innovative technology meets the modern style. Offering 100% functionality and satisfaction. 

By keeping the standard faux fly, and classic square hip style, you’d never know the difference until you’ve experience the comfort for yourself. Hakuna Wear is keeping things simple with the same standard tie, but adding ease by moving the placement location. Creating relief from any irritation and tenderness that could occur. Including a streamlined flare triangular side pocket, presented with style and storage for all your ocean needs.

The rainbow stitching is the ultimate icing on the cake. While maintaining attention to detail with sustaining a small batch manufacturing system that Hakuna Wear is known and admired for. Details such as plantable logo tags that state uplifting messages, “Just like the suit attached, add water and create your own rainbow.”

Available in four colors with plenty of choices depending on how bold you like to be with your boardies. The ‘Volcanoes Boardshorts’ come in Galaxy Blue and Rainbow Warrior Black. The ‘Punulu’u Boardshorts’ come in Hibiscus Storm Gray, and Ohi’a Hibiscus colors for a look that’s more classic and bright.

We call the black shorts, “Rainbow Warrior Black” because we are all about celebrating the diversity of surfing. When you join the Hakuna team, you’re a Rainbow Warrior.”- Jessica Boynton, Founder and Designer

Hakuna Wear


Every surfer comes in a rainbow of colors, and even though we’re all out in the lineup with black wetsuits– our personalities shine through.


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