Our Favorites for the Functional Fashionista: Leggings, Sports Bras, and Swimwear with Pockets

Do you love functional fashion? Do you wish every outfit had pockets? Well we are here to tell you that they can! Women's fashion has come a long way and when we screamed pockets, we got them. Here is our favorites for the functional fashionista: Leggings, Sports Bras, and Swimwear with Pockets

1) Jeju Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom by Hakuna Wear

This high waisted number not only stays put but it also has a pocket a key loop. What?! Swimwear with pockets? That is correct. We hate the idea of hiding our keys or money on the beach or not having our sunscreen or a snack out in the water just incase. Problem solved. You have to see it to believe it.

2) Snacks 7/8 Leggings by Outdoor Voices

snack leggings

Okay we have all heard of leggings with pockets by now, but have you seen leggings with this many functional pockets? You phone, keys, snacks, shirt, chapstick, sunscreen, and anything else you can think of, now has a place. These are the ultimate hiking or super mom leggings.

3) Pockito Power Sports Bra by Oiselle at Title Nine

pocket sports bra

This sports bra doesn't just have one pocket, it has two! One in the front for your phone and one on the side for your key or credit card. What more could you ask for?

4) Aloha Shirt Rash Guard by Hakuna Wear


Not only is this fancy Aloha shirt actually a quick dry rash guard made to get in the water, but it also has a front pocket with a key loop so you don't have to be watching your stuff from the water. You can float and swim worry free. 

5) Everyday 2-in-1 Tennis Skirt - Marvelous by Halara

skirt with pockets

This skirt not only had pockets, but they are secret pockets that don't bounce around in the skirt. This skirt actually has a pair of shorts underneath with large enough pockets for a phone, snacks, tennis balls, or your keys. 



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