The Every Season Wetsuit: Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit

wearing my cloud-9-one-piece-2mm-surf-suit under my wetsuit for extra warmth during the winter

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall... All you gotta do is call... the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit made with 2 mm Yulex. Yes that is right, we designed a surf suit made for every season. You may be wondering how that is possible, how could one piece (a rather small piece) be designed for all water temperatures? It's all about layering! Let's go through how we wear ours all year long. 

Summer: Just the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit

Summer surfing in the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit

Oh summer, that idyllic time when water is warm and there are endless beach days. Also the time for bikinis to hit the beaches in San Diego. We find that having a little bit of neoprene is really where it's at though. Keeps the wind off, the wax from chaffing, and gives you a little cushion for your ribs since you've been in a wetsuit all year and you're not accustomed to board on wax on rib action. The Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit is also the perfect suit for tropical surf trips on windy or colder days because it has a pocket, so you can always keep your car, moto, bike, hotel, or house keys with you, and not left hidden on the beach for someone to steal.

If you're worried about sun coverage, just add one of our rash guards.

Fall: Layer in some wetsuit leggings

fall surfing in the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit

We love having our arms free, especially transitioning to fall because we haven't had to feel the restriction of a wetsuit for the summer and it feels so nice! You also get the benefit of seeing the mesh detail on the front of the suit and cute cross back straps of the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit.

Our recommendation: We haven't tried these yet, but we have heard great things and they are from a small women owned company, and have a pocket with a key loop (double pockets!) so what's not to love. 

Winter: The perfect suit to wear under your wetsuit

winter surfing in the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit

You know that cold rush of water you get when you jump in for winter swell and you have a little leak in your wetsuit? Or those cold windy days when the offshore cuts straight through? An undersuit is the perfect solution. We wear our Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit under our wetsuit on every cold day and it keeps us so warm.

Our recommendation: Kassia makes a pretty neat wetsuit and we love supporting other small women owned brands, we are also a big fan of the O'Neill Hyperfreak for its stretchability factor

Spring: Layer in a wetsuit jacket

spring surfing with Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit

Create your own warm spring suit by adding a wetsuit jacket. This is my personal favorite combo, although I'm always sad that you can't see the cute mesh detail on the Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit, because I love having my legs free in the water, it just feels so good, and my legs don't get cold easily. 

Our recommendation: Roxy 2mm Satin Wetsuit Top Jacket Zip Front- we aren't sure this one is made anymore, but I liked to call it my "magic jacket" because it keeps me so warm


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