Meet the world’s most comfortable board shorts. The closest you can get to wearing nothing

Meet the world’s most comfortable board shorts. The closest you can get to wearing nothing

Hakuna Wear Recycled Board Shorts

What makes a board short comfortable?

Great question! Let’s talk about it. (Let’s talk about shorts, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk abOUt shorts. You know you totally just sang that whole verse.)

  • The first, and in our opinion, most exciting component is the innovative side tie. Our Recycled Side Tie Board Short is built for your active lifestyle with a revolutionary side tie for comfort when paddling. This side tie is out of the way, over on your left hip where it won’t dig into you or get all waxy. 

Recycled Board Shorts from Hakuna Wear Side Tie

  • Another comfort factor is how quick drying they are. No one wants to walk around looking like a cowboy or cowgirl with a rash in soaking wet shorts. And we certainly don’t want to sit in the car  wet or have to bother with a change of clothes. The best option is to slip on these quick dry board shorts in the morning and transition seamlessly from beach to taco shop to happy hour without any wardrobe changes. 

What else makes Hakuna Wear's recycled board shorts so dang comfortable? Winning Hakuna Wear Recycled Board Shorts

Recycled Board Shorts from Hakuna Wear Showing Key Loop and Hidden Pocket

  • The last facet of comfort is of the psychological sort. It is the comfort of knowing Hakuna swimwear is responsibly crafted in California with sustainable fabric made from recycled ocean plastic and water bottles. To us, though, sustainability means more than using environmentally friendly materials. It's also about the sustainability of communities and the people within them. For that reason we strive to give back as much as we can. Sometimes that looks like giving time or money to organizations that we believe are doing awesome things, sometimes it looks like donating 10% of all profits to our collection’s namesakes or even helping to build community with our Coffee-by-the-Sea events held locally in Cardiff California. And knowing all of that is pretty comforting. 

Recycled Board Shorts from Hakuna Wear for Men and Women

Jeff, one of our reviewers, put it best when he wrote, “Great product, better company. The shorts are dope and I can feel good about supporting a more sustainable and eco-conscious operation after Mother Nature has been so kind to me over the years.”

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  

These shorts are so amazing, in fact, they won Editor's Choice 2020 at Surfd magazine.  At Surfd, they were impressed with the side-tie and flexibility of the fabric noting that “other boardshorts made from recycled plastics...tended to be quite stiff and unforgiving.” Not these babies. And, they’re 50+ UPF to boot.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:
Until you can surf naked, put Hakuna Wear on your derriere.
You’ll be happy you did. 
Interested in other articles on our technical swimwear design process, be sure to check out our page with all of the information. At Hakuna Wear, we care about bringing you the best most innovative sustainable swimwear design.


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