Top tips for buying functional surf swimwear

Top tips for buying functional surf swimwear

So you click on that cute bikini you see while scrolling by and you’re wondering to yourself, will it stay on while I duck dive or wipe out? Will it be comfortable for hours of activity? Because it's really hard to know if its a good one until you test it out for the first time. However, we figured out from our own experiences (which there have been many bikinis in our life time) a few ways to determine if your suit is surf ready... 

Even the best surfers in the world can have embarrassing moments in the wrong suit.

Stephanie Gilmore wardrobe malfunction

1. One pieces are great because they usually stay on better (not always) and protect you from rash and the sun. Like our Lovina Long Sleeve Surf Suit.

2. Bottoms that are high waisted or have a drawstring or other type of tie around the waist. Like our bikinis with Bikini Lock Technology

3. Either suits with a thick band like a sports bra or an adjustable tie in the back to sinch tighter, both will work its just personal preference. 

4. Criss cross straps or racer backs, or something similar to avoid straps falling off the shoulders.

5. Suits that don't tie around your neck, in order to keep them on you have to tie them tight and that puts strain on your neck. Like our Cloud 9 One Piece Surf Suit made from Yulex.

6. A key loop! Too many suits forego the key loop, but you need one everywhere you go and especially when traveling. At Hakuna Wear we prefer a pocket as well, so that we can bring a snack and sunscreen with us too.

7. Thick fabric (UPF 50) made from recycled polyester or nylon, not only will it protect you from the sun, but it also protects the ocean that you love. Recycled swimwear fabric is made out of things like recycled water bottles and fishing nets.

At Hakuna Wear we took note of all these issues and that's how we designed our functional surf swimwear, like the Cloud 9 2 mm Yulex Surf Suit pictured above. Swimsuits that stay on, are comfortable, and have pockets. Not only are do they stay put, our suits mold to your beautiful curves. They are pretty much the suit you have always dreamed of, sexy and comfy!  We listened and we continue to listen, we are your voice in swimwear. If any of you ladies have ideas for us to improve our list, please connect with us! Shop with us and be able to surf with radicalness and elegance. Truly surf with no worries! 

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