Art and Science Series: Danielle Black

Tell us the story of your ocean love affair. (How did you first meet? When did you fall in love? How does the ocean make you feel?)
I grew up by the beach in the northern California and my brother and I spent months at a time in Negril, Jamaica swimming in the sea as children. We would spend weekends at local beaches, take holidays to new beach towns or rivers. I can't recall a time in my life where the ocean was not part of my life. It was love at first sight.

What’s the hardest line of the wave to draw, figuratively or literally? 
Riding waves is a mental game as well as a physical skill. You have to mentally prepare for what you are about to do, whether that's drop into a steep takeoff or set your line for noseriding. Breathing deep before I paddle is my go to before I take off. It clears my mind, it resets it.



Introduce yourself, what is your science or art?
I am a broadcast captioner by day (which I love), but my heart lies in creating art. I love to paint, pour resin and build things with my hands. It's another outlet aside from my surfing that's a form of meditation for me. I need it to feel grounded.

How do you incorporate science as an artist or art as a scientist?
With resin and paint pour art there is a certain measure of resin to hardener and paint to medium that you have to get just right or the final product won't set and the cells won't come out how you imagined.  It will essentially turn your piece to mud.

What’s the hardest part of being an artist/scientist for you?
Time. There is never enough of it. When I get into an art mode I get obsessed and it's all I want to do!



What do you wish every swimsuit had or didn’t have? 
I love one piece swim suits right now, but that doesn't mean I want them to be boring or unflattering. Function is important because I'm a surfer, but I love open backs and unique straps. Little details that make a suit sexy like mesh and cheeky cut-outs are absolutely my style.

What makes you feel sexy? 
Feeling healthy, fit, and confident in what I'm wearing.

Do you have any mantras that bring you up when you’ve reached a road block or when you’re feeling down? 
When in doubt paddle out

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