Top 5 Must Have Surf Essentials

Top 5 Must Have Surf Essentials

Surfing year round, in different water temperatures around the world, and different conditions, has given us a good idea of what we consider essentials. Check it out and get in touch if you have a favorite or essential we should add!


surf poncho west path

1) Surf Poncho: West Path

After years of changing without a surf poncho, we can say through personal experience that we had no idea how much we were really missing out. This surf poncho is big enough to be unisex and have plenty of changing space, while also being warm and comfy during the winter. After a surf, you might discover you love it so much you don't even feel that weird grabbing a coffee with nothing underneath! Not only that, but a percent of proceeds go to save sea turtles and the company is rad too.


matunas surf wax

2) Surf Wax: Matunas

We are pretty skeptical of most surf waxes, but when we tried Matunas we were stoked! Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it out performs the top brands as well. We love this stuff, and it works so well with Hakuna that we bought a pack to bring to our pop-up shops as a free giveaway. (Hakuna Matunas? Who doesn't love that)

divvies natural cbd sunscreen

3) Sunscreen: Divios and Hippo Sweat

For making surf sessions extra irie... check out Divios, a reef safe tinted sunscreen with CBD! We love this stuff for our face because it doesn't make us look like a ghost but is still all natural. For body we recommend Hippo Sweat Lotion and if you want something that stays on in the gnarliest sessions, the Face Paste, Hakuna Wear is now the exclusive online distributor, check it out!


 Maracuja Oil face moisturizer

4) Skin moisturizer: Maracuja Oil (passion fruit seed oil)

Being in the ocean and sun all day leaves your skin dry, and for us, we like something as low maintenance as possible. We love to put a drop of Maracuja oil after a surf between our hands and rub it on our face for the day. Check it out on Amazon!


5) Spring suit or boardies: Hakuna Wear

Where else can you get suits that are surf tested to stay on, have a pocket with a key loop, and were technically designed specifically for surfing. Plus includes a rad eco-friendly fin key. Check out the line up here!


her waves rolling single tank surf

6 (bonus) Surf tee to let everyone know you surf: Her Waves and Jonas Draws

Her Waves is a sweet company from San Diego that features female surf artists on their shirts, all made in California and with water based inks. For men and women, Jonas Draws does his own designs on his shirts and they are simple, lovable, and surfy. 


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